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Susan Donati Painting My Style
I begin with an under-painting in acrylic and follow by squeezing (oil) colour straight from the tube onto the canvas, mixing and modelling with my brush (particularly effective when creating landscapes/trees as it causes the earth/trunks to become crunchy). I also use modeling paste as part of the underpainting as it gives a three-dimensional element to the final painting which is an expressionist approach as well as an impressionist one. While the paint is wet, I scumble one colour into another, as I do not see one dimension in colour. While I often work from photographs, my interest can be piqued by that which I see every day, not necessarily the item, itself, but often the impression it gives me. I might see a skirt with a blue and white pattern reminding me of a sky I might have once seen or want to create. I then must rush home to express what I saw on my terms - the sky, not the skirt.

GALLERY 1 Colour in the Land
This gallery demonstrates the similarities in land colour values no matter where you happen to be. The colours exist - you only have to see them. If you drive through the countryside thinking you are merely seeing greens and browns, you are limiting yourself to a one-dimensional view.

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The Edge by Susan Donati
GALLERY 2 New (Ad)ventures
Intangible and untamed elements, such as wind, sun, rain and light sourced from the sun and moon wreak havoc on the emotions and rational thought. Light play, though fleeting, breaks everything we see into fragments. Elements like the wind and snow spin and swirl and join light in a dance which captures the senses.

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GALLERY 3 Cityscapes & Urban Flow
This gallery contains cityscapes where distinctive differences and flavors are reflected. Architecture is positively an art form and even the grungiest areas of a city have a certain poetry to them. I wonder if the people who build each city have a unique approach to life which is manifested in their designs. Even though we can appreciate the progress, the clever combination of old and new buildings gives a flow to the areas, rather than an interruption.

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painting of Montreal by Susan Donati - Visit Gallery 3 to see more
Visit Gallery 4 GALLERY 4 Architecture by Nature's Example
This gallery shows how easily buildings and land stand together. There is almost no distinction between them in terms of hard edges and colour. In other words, an overall view is not a matter of this and that, but the complementary union of two entities to create harmony.

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GALLERY 5 Ancestral Trees
Trees are, I believe, our organic ancestors. We feel connected to them and in much the same manner as wiser and more experienced relatives, they comfort us and make us feel protected. I cannot imagine a life or a warm sight without trees. They make me feel like I belong to something larger than my limited visual scope tells me. The ultimate message is the superiority of nature over human beings and unless the exercise of imagination is excited, the emotion of beauty is unfelt.

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Painting titled Tangled by Canadian painter S Donati
Out of the Blue, by Canadian Impressionist painter Susan Donati
GALLERY 6 An Eclectic Group of Memories
This gallery is a group of paintings from a variety of places and people dear to me. As an artist, I am happiest when I paint from photographs I take myself. Portraits should evoke the same effect as landscapes; that is, carry a message and contain an enticing element of mystery. Our country is such a vast conglomerate of diverse scenery and people, we should revel in the glory of it all. Artists give passion to memory.

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Gallery 1 - gallery 2 - gallery 3 - gallery 4 - gallery 5 - gallery 6

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