Canadian Painter Susan Donati
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London Ontario artist Susan Bush Donati was born and educated in Montreal Quebec where her family consisted of a number of talented artists. She has painted and sculpted since the age of 4, experimenting with all media, but always returning to the ooze of oil. She paints a wide variety of subject matter from portraits to landscapes and cityscapes. Her travels and life experiences have produced a love for the coloured lights of people and places and her style lends itself well to expressing her 'sight' of them as she fuses realism and symbolism.

Snowspun painted by Susan Donati

Sugar Sugar painted by Susan Donati
Sugar, Sugar
As an impressionist artist with an addiction to vibrant colour, my hope is to engage your senses in my website to see life as I do. As you travel through the Galleries, separated as they are by location and emphasis, it is important to imagine yourself in these places and to respond to the way the colours make you feel.

Susan Donati is represented by:

Rivertown Galleries in London, Ontario

Leonardo Galleries in Yorkville (Toronto, Ontario)

If you would like more information about purchasing artwork, please e-mail the artist at

Susan Donati painting titled Stillscape

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